History and Culture of the Catskills

Thomas Cole National Historic Site

Visit Thomas Cole National Historic Site, home of the American artist Thomas Cole. Known as the father of the Hudson River School, Cole portrayed landscapes of the Hudson River Valley and surrounding areas. This historic site offers a 50-minute tour of Cole’s house, his studio, and grounds, as well as special exhibitions of Hudson River School painters. Open May through October.

Adress: 218 Spring Street, Catskill, NY 12414

Phone: 518.943.7465


Pratt Rock

Once called an “America’s First Mount Rushmore” Pratt’s Rock is a series of stone carvings depicting the life of Zadock Pratt, wealthy entrepreneur, congressman and a husband of five wives. It was originally a monument for Pratt’s son, who was killed in the Civil War. Although the climb to the rock could be steep, the sculptures and the stunning views are worth the effort.

Adress: Rt 23, Prattsville, NY 12468

Phone: 518-299-3125


Ukrainian Church

Nestled in the middle of the Schoharie Creek, this imposing wood-carved basilica is built entirely without nails. With its hand-carved interior this church represents a true work of art that is worth visiting.

Address: NY-23A, Hunter, NY 12442

American Museum of Firefighting

The American Museum of Firefighting takes you on a journey through 300 years of US firefighting history. This museum exhibits 83 engines and various artifacts, including a fire engine build in 1725.

Address: 117 Harry Howard Ave, Hudson, NY 12534

Vanderbilt Mansion

Built by wealthy industrialists during the Gilded Age, this 54-room mansion is one of the area’s oldest and most magnificent Hudson River estates. Situated on 211 acres, the mansion is surrounded by beautiful gardens, natural woodlands and grounds overlooking the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains. Vanderbilt estate also houses numerous historic auxiliary structures with preserved original furnishing and associated documents. Located 1 hour and 15 minutes away from Georgian Garden Inn this impressive mansion is certainly worth the drive.

Address: 119 Vanderbilt Park Rd, Hyde Park, NY 12538

Bronck Museum

Built in 1663 by Pieter Bronck on the land purchased from the local Mohican tribe, Bronck House is the oldest structure in the Hudson Valley. Bronck Museum complex includes eleven original structures with preserved furniture, textiles and artworks. It is open for visitors from Memorial Day through October 15 and offers scheduled guided tours.

Address: 90 County Route 42, Coxsackie, NY 12051

Pleshakov Piano Museum

Located in the nearby town of Hunter, Pleshakov Piano Museum exhibits a collection of historic and modern keyboard instruments, historical recordings and caliber books. The museum also features pianos made famous by association with Nicholas I of Russia, Queen Victoria, the White House, Clementi, Field, and Vienna Philharmonic.

Address: 337 Warren St, Hudson, NY 12534